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NOWRA 2023 Mega Conference Presentation by RioVation

A Perspective on Treatment in the Soil vs Treatment in the Tank.Collectively, onsite systems in the US generate more than 4 billion gallons of septic effluent daily. This is likely a conservative estimate! This presentation looks back in history beginning with the Biblical injunction found at Deuteronomy 23:12, 13...

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Studies Show: ATU Effluent Can Rejuvenate A Failing Drainfield

Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) technology has been used widely in the USA for well over 100 years. First used in Houston and Milwaukee USA to treat municipal, domestic, or household wastewater and later in the mid 1950’s to treat individual home wastewater onsite. The ATU process consists of extended aeration,...

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Never pump the septic tank again to flush the toilet.

The most widely used septic system is the gravity flow system. It consists of two main components: the septic tank and the drainfield. Wastewater enters the septic tank from the home via gravity flow. Wastewater leaves the septic tank and enters the drainfield via gravity flow as well. The proper level in the septic...

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Traditional septic tanks are a groundwater hazard

Summary Most septic tanks only treat about 35% to 40% of wastewater before it flows into the drainfield This leaves about 60% of wastewater to be treated in the soil itself This process presents a potential groundwater hazard Forced Rejuvenation™ technology provides a better solution How traditional septic tank...

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True Aerobic® Conversion Kit Case Study

Case Study: True Aerobic® Suspended Growth Model SG2872 ATU Conversion Kit Installed in Two Compartment Thousand Gallon Septic Tank Residential BOD5, TSSIntroduction: On 7/20/2018 the True Aerobic® ATU Conversion Kit was installed in the second compartment of a 1000 gallon septic tank. The first and second...

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How a Suspended Growth Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) Works

The Suspended Growth Aerobic Treatment unit (ATU) consists of an aeration compartment, diffusers, a clarification compartment and an outlet assembly. As the wastewater from the home enters the aeration compartment it is thoroughly mixed with the contents which are full of mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS)...

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Why Your Septic System Eventually Fails

Biomat Formation: Read more from West Virginia University Simply put, biomat formation in the drainfield is the reason your septic tank drainfield eventually fails. Ironically, the very bacteria that provides the septic tank effluent final treatment ultimately causes the drainfield to fail yielding it unusable to the...

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