True Aerobic® (ATU) Conversion Kit-Suspended Growth Model SG2872

SG2872 Owners Manual

Researchers, installers and other OSSF industry people have discovered that putting Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) effluent into a drainfield will rejuvenate the drainfield. RioVation® has a product solution. We call it Forced Rejuvenation® Technology!

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AEROBIC® (ATU) Conversion Kit product, converts an existing septic tank into an Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU). When the septic tank is converted, the effluent coming out of the septic tank and going into the drainfield becomes odorless, high in dissolved oxygen and aerobic bacteria. As the aerobic bacteria consume the problem causing biomat, the drainfield is rejuvenated (Forced Rejuvenation®) and the soil interface is protected against further biomat plugging. Basic model includes clarifier, diffuser/anchor assembly, outlet tee assembly, and air pump and housing with integrated alarm.