Easily transform almost any septic tank into a Biofilm Reactor without excavation and get clear, odorless effluent.


    • Convert Failing drainfields due to biomat clogging to clean, functional drainfields.
    • Convert Poorly treated Septic effluent to high quality, clear, low BOD/TSS effluent.
    • Convert Nitrogen laden effluent contributing to algae bloom in waterways to reduced nitrogen effluent.
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Upgrade septic tanks without excavation or heavy equipment.

Don’t replace a drainfield. Rejuvenate it.

One in ten drainfields are estimated to fail annually in the U.S. Replacing them costs homeowners thousands of dollars.

RioVation’s BioMaze™ Fixed Film Media (FFM) can transform almost any septic tank into a Biofilm Reactor and recover your customer’s failing drainfield without replacing their septic tank or drainfield.

By upgrading your customer’s septic tank to a Biofilm Reactor, you will:

    • Save them thousands in septic tank replacement costs
    • Avoid destroying their yard by replacing their drainfield
    • Help protect the environment by reducing pollutants 

Your team can install the BioMaze™ system in less time than it takes to replace a drainfield, potentially allowing you to complete twice as many jobs in the same amount of time.

Protect your customers.

improve the environment

Traditional septic tanks only perform about 40% of wastewater treatment inside the tank. So effluent is still 60% untreated when it flows into the drainfield where the treatment continues in the soil. The BioMaze™ Fixed Film Media (FFM) can convert an anaerobic septic tank into a Biofilm Reactor, which performs more than 90% of the treatment inside the tank. This makes the effluent clear and odorless thus better for the drainfield and the environment.

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Drainfield Rejuvenation & Protection

Septic Tank – Converted into a Biofilm Reactor Utilizing the BioMaze™ BM2622 Fixed Film Media Product

Can be installed in all septic tank applications: new, modification and repair.

In Just 3 Easy Steps…

Upgrade Almost any anaerobic Septic TANK to a Biofilm Reactor

1. Set it

Lower the BioMaze™ self-positioning Pods into the septic tank.

2. Connect It

Connect the air line between the air pump and diffuser pod(s).


3. Plug & play

Plug it in to turn the septic tank into a Biofilm Reactor.