About Us

Gig Drewery & his wife Trina have been involved in the onsite wastewater industry for over 30 years.

While building their house in Beaumont, TX, they realized that the clay soil they were working with was not going to allow a traditional septic tank with a drain field to work. He found a company in Cleveland, Ohio that sold aerobic treatment units, bought one and installed it. This inspired Gig to become a wastewater expert.

He is known throughout the industry and has served as a board member for the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association and was the founding President of the Texas Onsite Wastewater Association. He served on the committee that writes standards that the wastewater organizations are held to. He is a licensed Texas installer II, licensed maintenance provider and a licensed site evaluator.

He is passionate about solving the wastewater problems that exist in the USA and world-wide.