The permanent fix for your septic system – Forced Rejuvenation™

Just as the title suggests, Forced Rejuvenation™ forces your failing drainfield to recover or rejuvenate.

How? Well remember why your drainfield has failed. The soil interface around your drain field is plugged with anaerobic bacteria or biomat and the wastewater effluent cannot get out to the surrounding soil or environment. What we need is a way to greatly reduce the amount of biomat and minimize it for the future without sacrificing wastewater effluent treatment.

We do that by converting your septic tank into a True Aerobic™ treatment unit (ATU). Now the majority of the wastewater effluent treatment is done in the tank and not in the drainfield. As the aerobic effluent, high in dissolved oxygen, enters the drainfield the anaerobic biomat starts to die and is consumed over time as a food source for the aerobic bacteria. The drainfield is being forced into rejuvenation. As more and more biomat is consumed the soil interface is restored and the drainfield can function properly.

Many times however due to the plugged soil in the drainfield, the drainfield is in a high level condition. A high percentage of the time this backs wastewater up into the septic tank which creates a high level condition in the septic tank and in turn creates problems with drains operating properly in the home. It also hampers the treated effluent from entering the drainfield which impedes drainfield rejuvenation.

In this situation the filtered pump vault must be installed into the ATU converted septic tank. Once installed the level in the ATU is automatically controlled at a normal operating range and the ATU effluent is forced under pressure into the drainfield. Now drains in the home operate properly (i.e: commodes flush, showers drain, no gurgling sounds etc.) Forced Rejuvenation™ of the drainfield is underway as the ATU effluent is being forced under pressure into the drainfield.

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