Level Control

The most widely used septic system is the gravity flow system. It consists of two main components, the septic tank and the drainfield.  Wastewater enters the septic tank from the home via gravity flow. Wastewater leaves the septic tank and enters the drainfield via gravity flow. The proper level in the septic tank is totally reliant upon the drainfields ability to absorb wastewater into the soil and if it cannot then wastewater may backup into the septic tank and cause a high level condition in the septic tank. A high level in the septic tank causes drains in the home to not function properly (i.e. commodes won’t flush, sinks won’t drain, gurgling sounds etc.).

Call the pump truck guy, right? Wrong!

Install the filtered pump vault into your septic tank and immediately control the level in your septic tank.

Never pump your septic tank again to flush your toilet.

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