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Forced Rejuvenation® Technology

True Aerobic® Conversion Kit

  • Convert your septic tank into a True Aerobic® Treatment Unit (ATU)
  • All installed through a single access opening in the lid of your septic tank.

Filtered Pump Vault

  • Install the Filtered Pump Vault into your septic tank through the single access opening and immediately control the level in your septic tank while forcing the effluent into the drainfield.
  • Now your septic tank discharged an odorless, high dissolved oxygen effluent to the drainfield for drainfield rejuvenation.
  • Never pump your septic tank again to flush your toilet.

Septic Problems?

Commode won’t flush
Drains won’t drain
Ponding in the yard
Foul odor

But wait a minute, you’ve pumped your septic tank more than once but it’s still not working and now the pump truck guy says your drainfield is failing and needs to be replaced.

Don’t do it! Don’t spend thousands and tear up your landscaped yard replacing your drainfield.

Call us and we will show you how to completely restore your septic system without excavation and spending thousands.